Rotary is a global network consisting of 1.4 million individuals who are not just neighbors and friends, but also leaders and problem-solvers. Their collective vision is a world where people come together and proactively work towards creating enduring positive transformations. This commitment extends to communities worldwide as well as within ourselves.

For over a century, Rotary’s people of action have demonstrated unwavering dedication and forward-thinking. They channel their passion, vitality, and intelligence into implementing sustainable projects that address real-world challenges. Whether it’s promoting literacy and peace, improving water and health conditions, or focusing on other critical areas, Rotary remains steadfast in its efforts to enhance our world.

To gain a deeper understanding of Rotary’s structure, foundation, and strategic vision, we encourage you to learn more about them. Additionally, Rotary members firmly believe in their shared responsibility to address the world’s most persistent issues. With over 46,000 clubs collaborating, their collective action is focused on promoting peace, combating diseases, ensuring access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene, supporting education, fostering local economies, protecting the environment, and more.

At the core of Rotary’s mission is a commitment to serving others, upholding integrity, and promoting global understanding, goodwill, and peace among a fellowship of leaders from various business, professional, and community backgrounds.

Together, Rotary envisions a world where people unite and proactively strive for enduring change, making a positive impact not only on a global scale but also within their own communities and personal lives.

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